EMMI Mini Lecture: Becoming Leaders of Innovation Using Frame Creation

EMMI Mini-Lecture: Becoming Leaders of Innovation Using Frame Creation

PolyU will be launching the Executive Master in Meaningful Innovation in September 2015. To mark the launch, the Institute
of Advanced Executive Education and School of Design are hosting a Mini-Lecture & Networking Forum, where top professors
will interact with practitioners to exchange insights on Design Thinking, Methods & Perspectives for senior executives, to
approach open, complex, dynamic and networked problems in a systematic and effective way.

Frame Creation, a new and innovation-centered approach to problem-solving in organisations, is based on Prof. Kees
Dorst’s many years of research into practices that expert designers have developed to create new approaches to real world
problems. These special practices enable us to “solve the unsolvable”, to create solutions to the very complex, open,
dynamic and networked problems and situations that confront many companies and governmental organisations.
In this mini-lecture, participants will be introduced to this revolutionary way of thinking, and they will be taken through
the complete 9-step process of Frame Creation: Archaeology, Paradox, Stakeholders, Field, Themes, Frames, Futures,
Transformations and Integration. Through the application of Frame Creation Methodology, organisations have achieved
radical innovation and a deep transformation of their own practices.
The Frame Creation model has been embraced internationally as a key way forward for Design Thinking and innovation.
Join this session to learn more about the model from our renowned professors!