Design Lecture: "Informing the Designers Who Live with AI & Big Data" by Stephen Jia Wang

Have you ever wondered why we are facing an AI & Big Data symbiotic future? I believe the meaning and usability potentials of AI and Big Data technologies could be realised when integrating with a wide range of Design disciplines, from sustainable urbanisation to wearable and biomedical system development. However, the balance of creativity and scientific elements presents increasing complexity which demands an ever-widening range of new skills and training.

Exemplified by two flagship programmes between the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, this talk intends to draw a new line on the current vague picture of the future of Design Education, discuss how tomorrow’s design disciplines could offer the knowledge, understanding and skills to the next generation designers.

This lecture is open to SD staff and postgraduate students only. Registration is required.

About the Speaker - Stephen Jia Wang, Royal College of Art

Dr Stephen J Wang is joint Head of Programme for the Global Innovation Design and Innovation Design Engineering programmes, and the RCA Director of the RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab. He is a world-renowned expert in innovative design and tangible interaction design, the director of, an Australian Research Council detailed assessor and peer reviewer for a number of journals across the fields of design and engineering. Dr Wang is the inventor of the Virtual-Spine Platform (VSP) and has intensive experience and a strong track record of industry collaboration in areas such as intelligent architectural development, smart furniture, intelligent systems for healthcare, and medical devices and solutions.

Dr Wang’s research explorations are targeted at redefining the role of Design in providing innovative solutions against the compelling issues of our time – energy and resources shortage, ageing society, regional and cultural transitions, social behaviour changes – that represent significant challenges for the future development of global society. The focus of Dr Wang’s research and practice is the exploration of new design methods, technology possibilities and related curriculum development in the field of innovative design.

In recent years, he has published peer-reviewed papers in journals including Material Horizons and PLOS ONE, patents, book chapters and authored academic books with Springer and Tsinghua University Press.

As an experienced interaction and industrial designer, he has been involved in commercial product development, led major research projects and exhibited across Australia, China and Japan.


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