Design Lecture: Breaking the Rules – Creative Exploration in Design Processes

It is a common fallacy that creativity depends on the freedom of the designer to choose. In practice what drives the creative process are the constraints that are put upon it. These can be practical constraints, such as resources and money, but they can also be structural constraints in the form of rules. But what is a good rule? What do broken rules mean? And why aren’t designers helping to create better systems of rules? Understanding the inter-relationship between rules and creativity is key, not only to better design, but also to economic growth. This lecture first sets out, through a series of case studies, how rules enable design and creativity before exploring how designing better rules can help us tackle the big problems that face our societies today.

This lecture is open to SD staff and postgraduate students only. Registration is required.

About the Speaker - Prof Peter Lloyd, Professor of Integrated Design Methodology, TU Delft

Prof Peter Lloyd, TU Delft

Peter Lloyd
is Professor of Integrated Design Methodology in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. He is also Acting Chair of the Design Research Society, and Editor-in-Chief for the Journal Design Studies. He teaches in the areas of design methods, design thinking, and design ethics and his research looks at all aspects of the design process. He was previously Professor of Design Studies at The Open University, UK and Professor of Design at the University of Brighton, UK.

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