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Every summer students and professors from universities around the world join local Hong Kong students and staff at the PolyU School of Design (SD) for the International Design Opportunity: i-do! A six week cross cultural and multi disciplinary design workshop. I-do 2011 has the title “Design for Ageing in PRD III – integrating new technologies for an active and fulfilling life”. It will run from 6th June to 15th July 2011.

Students and staff from renowned institutions join i-do 2011: from the United States are Ohio State and Syracuse universities, from the Netherlands the Technical University Delft, from Germany the Koeln International School of Design, from Hong Kong the Hong Kong Design Institute, the PolyU School of Design and Department of Applied Social Sciences.

The four students from each institution will form multi cultural and multi disciplinary teams study and work in Hong Kong and on a week-long design research tour in the Pearl River Delta. They create their team identity during the first week and then work in a semi- professional manner as design teams in their studio at SD. They research and interact with the older people in Hong Kong and in China, find out what people think, like and about issues they have to cope with. The intense work schedule asks students to keep a blog of their experiences and design process (website announced on request), have presentations of their findings and ideas every week, and on the weekends have sightseeing and leisure time in Hong Kong.

Process and results of the workshop will be published on the internet and in a printed publication. Information about former i-do workshops is here:

The workshop is co-organized by the PolyU Institute of Active Ageing and the Technical University Delft. I-do 2011 is co-sponsored by the Hong Kong Design Institute and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

For further information please contact:
Prof. Philine Bracht, Project Leader i-do 2011, Tel 2766 4640 (
Ms Rennie Kan, Senior Marketing Manager, Tel 2766 5448 (
Ms Mandy So, Project Assistant, Tel. 2766 6837 (


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