Art Talk: The Persistence of Change By Mexican artist and architect Enrique ROSAS

Fifty years ago, the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City were the first ones to include a “Cultural Olympiad”. Artists from around the world produced some of the most distinctive monumental sculptures of the time, under the coordination of Matthias Goeritz, along the “Route of Friendship” in Mexico’s capital.

From a very young age, Mexican artist and architect Enrique Rosas admired these sculptures on his daily commute to school. Years later, while in university, curiosity drove him to appropriate and intervene the one he admired the most: “La Torre de los Vientos”, The Tower of Winds, by Uruguayan artist Gonzalo Fonseca. Today, the tower is a laboratory of Contemporary Mexican artIn this talk, Enrique Rosas will discuss this story of intervention, and how the act deeply influenced his architectural and artistic production, as well as his plans to recreate an in situ intervention at The Tower of Winds to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Route of Friendship.

Enrique Rosas (1972) is a Mexican artist who explores the connections between art, science and technology, covering fields such as electronics and biology. His main quest is to generate a rewarding perspective in the creative field in face of the cold and depersonalized uses that today's technology is adopting.

By focusing on the materialization of ideas, understanding them not as mere abstractions, but as processes that reconcile the immaterial with the material, his work rescues the Renaissance ideal of a world that not only was perceived but also projected from the eyes. All its pieces are organized from binomials: the observer and the observed, the individual and the collective, the natural and the constructed, the micro and the macro, etc.

His training and work as an architect, his closeness since childhood with the cinema and his experimentations in design and computing, add other variables. In this sense, an important contact arises between the architectural, the sculptural and the mechanisms of databases, incorporating its trajectory to the process of reorganization of the art methodology in relation to the development of scientific knowledge.

Inserted in the tradition of kinetic, geometrical, optical art; and always in dialogue with the aesthetics of constructivism, his work also constitutes a repositioning of these languages.

Among his individual exhibitions are "Luz Aberrante", Galería Le Laboratoire (2016); "Altered states of conscience", Carrillo Gil Art Museum (2015); "Sell Your Money", Le Laboratoire Gallery (2013), among others. He participated with the Le Laboratoire gallery at the ZONA MACO fairs 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. He won the "Family Reserve Collection" Award, 2015 edition, presented in October 2014 at the Jumex Museum. His work is in important collections, José Cuervo Collection, Collection / Fundación Televisa, etc.


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