Studio Exhibition (5/F): Advertising Style Writing


Project Brief

This exhibition is a collection of works addressing 5 different briefs, which required students to write advertising copies in different tones and manners, so as to prepare students for their branding tasks in the future.


These briefs challenged students to produce writings that are:


●  Fluent and coherent:

Students need to carefully craft the writings with proper words and sentences so that it’s easy and enjoyable to read.


●  Observant and creative:

Students need to write in a creative angle with good observation and imagination.


●  Strong in tone and manner:

Students need to produce writings that demonstrate their understanding of different tones and manners.


Presentation Requirement

The copies should be properly typeset and layout. However, the overall art direction of these campaigns was not the main focus. (It will be further developed in other appropriate courses.)


Advertising Design – Year 3 & 4


KC Tsang