The SizeChina Footwear Exhibit

The SizeChina Footwear exhibit showcases the collaboration between the Asian Ergonomic Lab, The Institute of Textiles and Clothing and SD3114 Footwear design class in the IPD BA stream. We have chosen two assignments to exhibit; the one piece shoe and the 3D printed shoe.

The one piece shoe is an exercise in shoe construction and understanding the traditional art of pattern making. The students are challenged to create a shoe out of a single piece of felt material using a simple off the shelf fastener such as a shoe lace.

The 3D printed shoe is a conceptual design project to explore how the technology of 3D printing changes the way we design shoes. Students have their foot scanned using a high resolution 3D foot scanner in the ITC. The Asian Ergonomic Lab then works with each student to develop their foot scan as a template for designing the shoe using Rhino or SolidWorks CAD software. The completed file is then 3D printed in half scale so that the design can be evaluated before full scale 1:1 printing is completed.

SD3114 Tutors
Professor Roger Ball
Part time Faculty Yaling Liu

Asian Ergonomic Lab Tutors
Assistant Professor Dr Tina Luximon
Research Associate Mr. Eric Chow