1st ALDL (Asian Lifestyle Design Research Lab) Sharing Forum

This forum is an informal event, meant to share and network the design knowledge on culture among ALDL members & affiliations, faculties and researchers/ research students in SD.

The title of the forum is "Connecting Design, Cultures, Artifacts and Heritage".

Dr. Eleonora Lupo, Dr. Jackie Kwok, Dr. Xin Xianyang and Kith Tsang are invited to present cases or related studies which are trying to answer some of the questions that are posted below:

/ From art-objects, culture-objects to design-objects, they all are result of design processes. Can those processes be described with a system approach? Identifying common structures, shared structures, and intersectional structures that can be innovatively transferred from each others?

// Relations among art, culture and design are not only based on the information processes that construct their final manifestation, but also a concern of space and time, and therefore communities and contexts. Can design empower and exploit the historical relations and the territorial ones? Utilize them as asset to activate traditions and cultural values of communities and make them more understandable and sustainable?

/// Culture, as design does, evolves in time, transforms and adapts itself according to social, ethical and aesthetic needs. This is a natural process that takes long time and it?s not often perceivable at the human scale. Can design support and shorten cultural activation and revitalization without loosing the value of the past, establishing new relations among culture, heritage and new contexts?