Studio Exhibition - Environment and Interior Design

Project name: Zobeide


In the men city Zobeide, everyone sharing the same dream, same women, building the dream city in hope of to chase the women in reality, never ever gonna know all of them are trapping themselves into their self-created pitfall, which consist of no women like the dream, but the bloody desires in reality. The black textured material symbolic the negative and dark side of the human desires.

Aims and focus of the subject

The use and importance of model, whether conceptual or detailed, forms and important and crucial aspect to the spatial thinking. Tendencies in recent years have highlighted how designers use models as tools to explore deeper understandings of forms, tectonics and most importantly, concepts.

The aims of the first project are to examine, explore and depict one narrative contained within Invisible Cities through the use spatial exploration in model format. Students are meant to read and interpret a specific narrative / story and three dimensionally explore / visualize the chosen narratives through tectonics, structure, form, order, thresholds, or any spatial quality of the city described in only 1 model.


Paul Chu Shing Chun & Collin Shen Kang Yi from BA (Hons) Scheme in Design / Environment & Interior – Year 3