Design student won a Silver at Yilan Chair Design Competition for a teamwork

Congratulations to Eva Leung Ka Wai (Product Design, Year 4) and her teammates on winning a Silver at the Yilan Chair Design Competition! The design 'Love Puff' (抱抱豬) was created when Eva was working as an intern at MisoSoupDesign, Taiwan.
Love Puff 抱抱豬 
長友大輔/梁嘉慧 (Eva)/詹明旎
Pigs have been a very essential part of human lives sometimes as livestock or source of income. In Yilan, we can feel how close pigs are to us by visiting their farmland in Sansing Township. As pig has been established very close relationship to people in our history, the figure of pig could be described as soft, comfortable and cute in our imagination. Inspired by the figure of a pig, Love Puff, is to create a multi-functional kid’s furniture, which can be used as a riding toy or a stool. The maple plywood structure of Love Puff has center core that can rotate easily to unfold seating pad with a rocking mechanism at the tail area. The front side of the chair has a cotton fabric covered pig-shaped face attached to the wood structure to make Love Puff an adorable and fun furniture. Seating area also serves as a storage space for blanket! The organic cotton covered blanket can make Love Puff safe and fun piece of furniture for kids to grow up with. The wood structure and cotton fabric are intended to emphasize the natural materials and make kids feel comfortable playing in a nature of Yilan.