We • DO Weekend Design Opportunity 2015: Workshop 005 & 006 – Beyond the obvious, problem solving in reality by Alan Lam & Anderson Wan

Advertising Design Workshops

Beyond the obvious, problem solving in reality by Alan Lam & Anderson Wan

In the We.DO 2015 - Advertising Design Workshops I & II, Mr. Alan Lam (Advertising Design, 2011) and Mr. Wan shared their experiences and design practises with our enthusiastic participants. 

The experienced art director and copywriters have equipped the participants with the basic techniques and design thinking methodology for the idea generation, and guided them to design a campaign with innovative solutions for the company or clients which we assigned to them. 

We offered a good opportunity for the participants, to work with a team and create innovative ideas by the group discussion and sharing. To facilitated their creativity for the ideation and find a new pathways for more idea development.

For professional today, no matter to being any field of designer, presentation skills are more important than ever, to speak out your concepts and ideas to the clients or the others. 

Except of the design thinking methodology and ways of ideation, the advertising design workshops also included the copywritng skills and marketing strategies in Part II. Alan and Anderson have shared a lot of thier working experiece and knowledge to the participants, to let them know more the working patterns in the advertising design industry. 

At the end of the workshop, each team have to collect all the ideas from different parties and turn it into one single voice, to imitate the realistic advertising agency scenarios and speak out their creative ideas in the class.

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