We • DO Weekend Design Opportunity 2015: Workshop 004 – Thumb Piano Upcycling Workshop by Kevin Cheung

Product Design Workshops

Thumb Piano Upcycling Workshop by Kevin Cheung

Mr. Kevin Cheung, an upcycling product designer has been invited to We.DO workshop 004 on 25th July. Kevin is our design graduate in Industrial and Product Design in 2009 and founded his design brand of KEVINCHEUNG 張瑋晉, to create the new sustainable products with waste materails and collaborating with different NGOs for the production in Hong Kong locally. 

At the We.DO workshop 004, Kevin was shared a sustainable and upcycling workshop to our participant, which is using the unclaimed wooden wine box and the materials from old bicycle wheels to create an ancient African instrument Kalimba (Thumb Piano). 

In the Thumb Piano Upcycling workshop, Kevin shared his knowledge about the sustainable design and his works in upcycling & product design. He also taught about the craftsmanship and model making skills to the participants, and let them know how to assembly the Thumb Piano with different parts during the making process.

This upcycling product design workshop was a great opportunity for our participant, to experience the design process and model making process when being a product designer. All of the participants were feeling enjoyable and had so much fun during the process. 

Let’s see our brilliant moments and works now. Enjoy!