We • DO Weekend Design Opportunity 2015: Workshop 003 - Food Waste Dyeing workshop by KaCaMa Design Lab

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Food Waste Dyeing Workshop by KaCaMa Design Lab

At the We.DO workshop 003, KaCaMa Design Lab was invited to conduct a dyeing workshop, by using the reclaimed onion skin collected from the local markets. KaCaMa Design Lab was founded by three of our design graduates in Industrial and Product Design in 2011, and they are Kay Chan, Catherine Suen and Match Chen. KaCaMa Design Lab is specialized in upgrading and recycling of recovered materials and turns it into the innovation and environmentally-friendly products. 

In Hong Kong, we produce over 3,200 tonnes of food waste every day. The source can be fruits and veggies with the uneatable skin or grown in poor quality. Instead of dumping them, we can reuse them in a creative way. The food waste is the best material as dye. 

In the food waste dyeing workshop, KaCaMa shared how to extract the dye from the leftover, and how to make a tie dye handkerchief with different patterns and skills by the traditional weaving methods.  

Below are some of the beautiful works made by the participants. How great!

All of the participants enjoyed the making process, and felt happy for their creative and unique works.

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