We • DO Weekend Design Opportunity 2015: Workshop 002 - Sew It Up: Coptic Stitch Binding Workshop by Chan Hei Shing

Communication Design Workshops

Sew It Up: Coptic Stitch Binding Workshop by Chan Hei Shing

At the We.DO workshop 002, we invited Mr Chan Hei Shing (Visual Communication, 2006), an award-winning book designer to share his knowledge and works in book binding design and graphic design. Hei Shing is well known for book design with typography and specialised in different book binding methods. He shared his experience with the participants, and taught them how to make a notebook in the Coptic stitch binding.

Coptic stitch binding is one of the oldest methods of book binding. Today this method is often used by artists to create one-of-a-kind handmade books which can be used as sketchbooks, journals, or for any other book art. It does not use any glues and the signature stitching is generally exposed or left completely open to allow flexibility without sacrificing strength.  

Now, let’s see some of the student works and the happy moments in the workshop. Enjoy!

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