Annual Show Talk and Workshop Series for Secondary Schools 2016

The Annual Show Summer Talk and Workshop Series for Secondary Schools was held in early July and welcomed over 300 secondary school students. 

The six days of sessions included introductory sessions from Digital Media, Advertising Design, Communication Design, Environment and Interior Design, Product Design and Interactive Media. The students enjoyed guided tours to the Annual Show, student sharing, alumni sharing, screening, discipline talks and workshops.

Students enjoyed an introductory and screening session from Digital Media, delivered by Anthony Lee, Professor of Practice.

Francis Hung, Senior Teaching Fellow and James Or, Co-founder and Head of Marketing and Advertising at GoGoVan, and PolyU Design Alumnus; at the Advertising Design sharing session.

Peter Chuah, Assistant Professor, talks about undergraduate study modules for Communication Design.

Peter Hasdell, Associate Professor gave students insights on studying Environment and Interior Design. 

Students also enjoyed drawing exercises with Manfred Yuen, Visiting Lecturer, at the Environment and Interior Design workshop.

Rémi Leclerc, Assistant Professor, at the Product Design sharing and workshop session.

Bruce Wan, Assistant Professor, took students on a fun journey of Interactive Media through workshops and presentations.