Summer Programme 2018 “What Design?” 「設計搞邊科」2018

PolyU Design holds a Summer Programme every year for students from S.4-5 to learn about “What Design” is by exploring different design disciplines through workshops. This year, 100 students spent one day with us on 11 July.


PolyU Summer Programme 2018 organised by the Secondary School Relations Section (SSRS) is always popular among secondary school students. There were 100 participants attended our PolyU Design Summer Programme to learn about design.


Participants were asked which design discipline they liked most and how they thought about it. Mr. Francis Hung, Scheme Leader of BA(Hons) Scheme in Design was impressed by many sharings by the participants.


Before we started the workshop, each tutor gave an introduction on the related discipline. 

Mr. Benny Leong, Programme Leader of Product Design was giving an introduction.


O  Advertising Design  - Water. No colour, no taste, no smell. How do you make it more desirable than other drinks?

Participants were asked to choose a bottle and promote it in different ways. Mr. KC Tsang, Programme Leader of Advertising Design was commenting on their proposals.

O  Communication Design - Ms. Anneke Coppoolse, Assistant Professor from Communication Design introduced participants to some of the key aspects of communication design by using basic elements of design.

Each group needed to create an animated GIF with eight images by drawing or collage.

Animated GIF created by participants.

O  Environment and Interior Design - Participants were given different themes from a novel named ‘Invisible Cities’ and were required to study them. 

By using paper and stapler, participants needed to create a city with the theme provided and presented to the rest of class. Mr. Horace Pan, Assistant Professor from Environment and Interior Design was commenting the cities designed by different groups.

O  Product Design - Dr. Tulio Maximo, Assistant Professor from Product Design explained how important 3D sketching is to design. 

Participants learnt how to draw perspective through the workshop while Mr. Scott Chin, Teaching Fellow from Product Design was sharing the technique with a smaller group.


Guided by our experienced student ambassador, the participants learnt to appreciate the creative and innovative design exhibits through the tour.

 (PolyU Design Annual Show 2018)


At the end of the day, we would like to thank you all participants who joined the Summer Programme and we hope to see you again in the coming future!

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