Students bring trophies home from European Product Design Award 2021

Congratulations to our fresh graduates of Product Design WONG Chi Yin and Ramona SHIU on winning prizes at the European Product Design Award 2021! Both winners were supervised by Dr Shih Yi-teng, Assistant Professor throughout the creation of capstone projects.

Chi Yin’s capstone project ‘OPRO’ is selected as TOP DESIGN in Education/Teaching Aids. It is the first robot car design for STEM featuring an extendable car foundation and a worksheet set in order to provide a level-by-level hands-on learning experience for students to create their own OPRO design. The project was selected by the Jury from all finalists of the category from other regions in the world.

Ramona’s ‘PLAB: Kids’ Play Lab’, an interactive Toy Kit for kids, is WINNER in the Toy Design/Educational Toy category. The outstanding design is recognized for escalating play to the next level through the application of technology. 

The European Product Design Award™ is an international award created to recognise the efforts of talented product designers who aim to improve human’s daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations.