CD student Michelle Chau appointed as PolyU Student Ambassador

The new PolyU Student Ambassadors have recently inaugurated to promote the University to secondary students and members of the public through various outreaching activities. 

Michelle Chau, a cheerful and confident Year 3 student of BA(Hons) in Communication Design who is also a successful entrepreneur owning two companies, is appointed as the Ambassador of PolyU Design. Together with other ambassadors from different departments and faculties, Michelle will share her campus life and study experience with prospective students in the coming year. 

‘Studying design is a dream-catching journey full of opportunities and challenges,’ Michelle told us. ‘I'm honoured to have the chance to motivate potential designers to step on their way towards their passion in the PolyU School of Design.’ 

The PolyU Student Ambassador Scheme has been initiated and run by the Academic Secretariat for more than 14 years since 2001.

Thank you, Michelle!