PolyUDesign x Sino Group: Green Public Seating Design Project

A bench is more than a seat. It builds a community.

PolyU Design collaborated with Sino Group on the Green Public Seating Design Project to utilize upcycled materials for making public benches. As part of the Cooperative Project in our BA Scheme, three groups of year-4 design students majoring in Product Design, Social Design, Advertising Design and Environment and Interior Design co-worked from start to finish, turning their ideas into concrete products.

The benches were later displayed in Lee Tung Street, giving a decorative touch to the public space, entertaining the pets, encouraging interactions among the community, promoting eco-friendly living and more.

Corporate collaborations are valuable opportunities for students to learn in practical situations and business operations. PolyU Design welcomes collaborations with companies from different industries in our Cooperative Projects of BA Scheme. We anticipate partnering with Sino Group and more corporates in the future.