Scot Laughton won HKDA awards for Shijia Village Farmhouse Furniture

Scot Laughton, Senior Teaching Fellow of the Product Design teaching team, has recently won 3 awards for this project “Shijia Village Farmhouse Furniture" from HKDA Global Design Awards 2013.

The awards are: 

  • Silver award for Furniture in the overall product category
  • Hong Kong Best award  for Furniture in the overall product category
  • Judges Choice award for Furniture category

 “Shijia Village Farmhouse Furniture" was shown at the HKDA Global Design Awards 2013 Awards Exhibition with other winning projects at in shopping malls in Kowloon Bay and Tseung Kwan O, 24 March to 6 April. 

About the Shijia Village / Farmhouse Furniture 

The concept behind this Farmhouse Furniture is to use design to improve the lives of the rural population in China.  It is a project that is appropriate and sustainable within the rural Chinese context.  Utilizing contemporary design thinking to improve the traditional Chinese rural home context and to help villages to reduce their dependency on outside goods and services. Which are often cost prohibitive for them.

Farmhouse Furniture represents the first of a collection of prototypical furniture designed to be made by village carpenters in Shijia Village, China. Utilizing their traditional carpentry skills it demonstrates and re-connects how familiar wood working techniques and materials can be used to create modern designs suitable to their needs and harsh conditions.  

This project was also the subject of Scot’s recent Masters Capstone Paper which Prof Ming Xi Tang was the adviser on.