Advertising Design's Co-op Project, 'Save Water – Mr Lee' won Kam Fan Gold

‘10L of water is wasted when you leave the tap on while brushing”. 

A reflection of how we use every drop of water when brushing our teeth is brought to us through the online video commercial 'Save Water – Mr Lee' created for Colgate, a multinational brand that is known for its oral care products. Its products being used by two-thirds of all households worldwide. 

The commercial was developed from a work-integrated Cooperative Project with Red Fuse Hong Kong led by Stefan Sonntag back in late 2015 and went on to win a Golden Kam Fan in the Digital & Social Category at the prestigious 2019 Kam Fan Awards. 

Thanks for making us proud, team!


Agency: Red Fuse Hong Kong
Students: CHEUNG Hoi Ki Joanne, HOPPE Christin, HUI Wa Sim Joyce, LEUNG King Sum, LEUNG Tze Ching Jeanie, MA Chareen, WONG Wai Fung Sam
Tutor: Stefan Sonntag

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