Good Readings on Typography Design

‘Design is solving problems. Graphic design is solving problems by making marks. Type is a uniquely rich set of marks because it makes language visible. Working successfully with type is essential for effective graphic design.’ — John Kane, A Type Primer

Interviews with the typography experts Mr Keith Tam, Programme Leader of BA(Hons) in Communication Design and Mr Sammy Or, Part-time Visiting Lecturer, are recommended for reading.

‘Though of course, ‘type as image’ is also an important area that’s more closely related to traditional graphic design and advertising. But from my perspective ‘type as information’ needs more urgent attention these days.’
- An interview with PolyU Design (Keith Tam) / Design 360°

- 由地鐵到手機 造字師作品處處可見 / Apple Daily

Another report worth reading is 'It’s complicated . . . Keith Chi-hang Tam, Hong Kong-based designer discusses the history, theory and practice of typography with art4d’ (art4d, July 2014). The magazine is published in Thai and English.