Outstanding alumnus Raman Hui named the InnoStar

Mr. Raman Hui, winner of the Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award 2009, recently received the InnoStars Award 2019. He is among the six awardees who are recognized as outstanding Hong Kong people with remarkable achievements in innovation and creativity. The Award organized by the Our Hong Kong Foundation is established with the aim to inspire more Hong Kong people to engage in innovation and promote a diversified economy in Hong Kong.


“The urge to overcome different challenges stimulates my creative ideas.”

—Raman Hui, Animator and Film Director

With Raman’s enthusiasm for animation and unremitting efforts, he participated in the production of a series of celebrated motion pictures such as Antz and Shrek, and snatched over 30 international awards. Although he has launched a splendid career in animation in the US, he feels that his roots are still in Hong Kong. Raman returned to Hong Kong for the production of Monster Hut, in which he pioneered a daring trial of incorporating overseas experiences into Chinese traditions, and went on to swiftly break the box office record in mainland China. Having been on an adventure from Hong Kong to Hollywood by himself, Raman has come back to the China market. The disparate cultures and acculturation issues did not stop him, but it is exactly the urge to overcome these challenges that stimulates his creative ideas, showcasing the spirits of flexibility and innovation.