PolyU Design Opens Material Resource Centre Supported by Material Connexion

Material Resource Centre (MRC), located at V510, is now up and running. This is the place where users can find 1,000 new and interesting materials from Material Connexion New York coming from all over the world. Material connexion is a global materials consultancy with the world’s largest library of innovative materials and processes, and is widely regarded as an authority on materials.

PolyU Design Material Resource Library - Material Connexion

The on-site library in SD features papers and packaging materials for our Communication and Advertising students and staff, fabrics, upholstery, furniture and construction materials for our Environment and Interior, product and Industrial materials, and few other materials related to Interaction Design and Digital Media. Users can access the Material Connexion’s online material library as well.

The purpose of the Material Resource Centre is to present a unique resource for the PolyU Design faculty, staff and students by providing a centralised location for material samples and digital database. It gives a strong boost to School of Design’s learning infrastructure.

On top of exposing students to the informed use of materials and the understanding of technology, innovation and resolution of detail, MRC is building a local library of materials and related technologies found in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region which aims at serving the every-day’s prototyping needs. Staff and students can contribute to build the database by sending interesting material samples and company name cards to MRC.

Man Tsang, with a Fashion and Textile background, is the Manager for the Resource Centre. She will assist users to navigate all the different materials and advise on how to get all the information one may need.

Location: V510, Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 17:30

Tel: 2766 7971

Materials included: Communication Design, Fashion & Accessory Design, Textile Design, Upholstery Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Product Design, Industrial Design