PolyU Professor-designed Accessible Aircraft Lavatory won international awards

“BrailleWise”, a concept of the Accessible Aircraft Lavatory designed by Mr Michael Siu, Professor of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), has recently won “Diamond Award” of Successful Design Award, which is organized by Shanghai Industrial Design Association and Shanghai Creative Industry Centre, and “Certificate of Excellence” of Perspective Award 2012.

“BrailleWise” is also the Runner-up Award Winner of Crystal Cabin Award, a renowned international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation.

“BrailleWise” is designed by Professor Michael Siu, Leader of Public Design Lab, PolyU School of Design. It is applicable to aircraft and public lavatories for the disabled, providing an organized system for reading Braille words, to assist the visually-impaired to access lavatories independently.

In the concept of “BrailleWise”, all Braille are written on a bar in the lavatory, it minimizes chances for the visually-impaired to search for different facilities and other tactile information, which is difficult and unhygienic. “BrailleWise” also helps promote a positive company image as kind and caring.

“BrailleWise” is part of applied research outcomes of a research project funded by the Seventh Round of “Public Policy Research”, which is granted by Research Grants Council.