PolyU "head-hunters" share results of SizeChina.com

The world's first database storing 3D head and face measurements of ethnic Chinese has come into use, after 18 months of dedicated efforts by pioneering researchers of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)'s School of Design (SD).

According to Mr Roger Ball, Director of "SizeChina.com" project and Assistant Professor of SD, industrial designers around the world have been longing for such ergonomic data because many existing consumer products are designed for Caucasians, and as a result they do not fit Chinese people properly.

"Understanding human size and shape is the cornerstone for designing successful consumer products because every product relies on accurate fitting. Designers, engineers and architects need sophisticated digital data on head and face shapes to design the next generation of best-selling products. How well a product fits us is the most important part of any successful design," he added.

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