Paralympics: Designed to Transform Social Values

"There has been a buzz in Hong Kong over this year’s Olympic Games. Even the Paralympic Games have garnered more attention this year than in the past. In addition to the sporting competition itself, the design of each Olympics raises a number of aesthetic considerations, such as the design of the Olympic emblem, the pictograms, the medals and trophies, and the architecture of the venue. All of these elements are inseparable from the overall design. 

But what about the Paralympics? What is the relationship between the Paralympics and design?"

Read the full article by our Instructor Mr Chan Kam Fai on how he sees design in the Paralympics from a social design perspective:

(English) Paralympics: Designed to Transform Social Values
(Traditional Chinese 繁體中文) Paralympics:轉化社會價值的設計
(Simplified Chinese 简体中文) Paralympics:转化社会价值的设计