Student Interview: Chan Pak Hei (Kade), Origami Designer

Kade Chan is currently studying Industrial and Product Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a University that has come-up several times during my interviews here on He is also a professional self-taught origami designer, he started folding paper when he joined the Hong Kong Origami Society in 2005 and since then has obtained numerous awards in various international origami competitions. It’s incredible how far he’s pushed the art that doesn’t allow any cutting and requires a square piece of paper to start.

Key takeaways from from this interview:

  • The most difficult part of origami is to design a proper proportion model.
  • Tissued-foil, because the paper is too soft and cannot stand firm, a layer of aluminum is added to the paper to steady the structure, sometime metal wire is also added for the same reason.
  • There are no tricks on origami, it’s all about being patient.

You can find him at his website at

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