PolyU Design's online teaching during COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional ways of doing things in many industries have undergone an evolution. Online activities have become new norms. Design educators are adopting online teaching, like those in PolyU Design. For Prof. Kun-Pyo Lee, Dean of PolyU Design, who will give a speech on future design education at the Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) on 28 August, it marks another unforgettable memory in his career over 30 years.

As practising online teaching since February, the School has put great efforts into maintaining students’ motivation and teaching quality that meets students’ expectations. Online classes not only enable real-time demonstration, but also facilitate in-class assignment exercises to maximize student’s engagement. The online critiques are many students’ favourite. Archiving has become easier which allows students review the class anytime. Technologies like VR are used to give rise to students’ interest. Some professors have also used the screen sharing function to encourage students to think from the professors’ view. According to Mr Scott Chin, Teaching Fellow, 'although face-to-face teaching is irreplaceable, students’ feedback to the online mode is positive and welcoming.'

There was a subject teaching basic knowledge of electronics led by Dr Clifford Choy. Letting the students do hands-on tasks of building simple circuits is essential. The students were first asked to practise electronic concepts by using a free online simulation software. Then, they received a package with the physical Arduino kit delivered to their doors by courier for them to complete the hands-on exercise remotely. When most students were located in Hong Kong, some others were in Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, China and etc. This challenging mission finally completed is an encouragement to not only the students but also the teaching team.

Apart from teaching, other activities have also resorted to the internet under the pandemic. For instance, PolyU Design Degree Show 2020 will be held from 14 September to 25 October remotely through websites, AR and projections.

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