Fading of Hong Kong neon lights – The archive of Hong Kong visual culture (Author: Brian Kwok)

Fading of Hong Kong neon lights – The archive of Hong Kong visual culture  霓虹黯色——香港街道視覺文化記錄

Neon lights as a medium of mass public communication provide vivid living records of the city’s development. Hong Kong is a city labelled the “Pearl of the Orient” and reflects a spectacular night view of neon lights. With the implementation of a new law for unauthorized signboards by Hong Kong’s Buildings Department in 2010, however, many (neon) signs have been taken down or altered if considered substandard and dangerous. 

“Fading of Hong Kong neon lights”, which started in August 2015, is one of a number of Neon Sign Archive projects carried out by the research team of the Information Design Lab at the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before neon signs have been eliminated entirely, the project has photo-documented a large number of still-remaining signs in the streets from Tsim Sha Tsui up to Prince Edward and other districts. 

This book involves the photo-documenting of over 500 still-existing neon signs since 2015. It prompted a historical, cultural and contextual study of Hong Kong signs, as well as the exploration of inter-related components of neon signs: its unique visual aesthetics and design, and the craftsmanship.

Author: Brian Kwok
Publisher: Joint Publishing (HK) Ltd.
ISBN: 978-962-04-4377-0

ISBN: 978-962-04-4377-0