Leadership Forum on Design Education 2022 invited discussions on roles of design in entrepreneurship

Leadership Forum on Design Education 2022 was successfully held last Friday (25 November). The forum was held in physical mode and live-streamed online simultaneously. With both local and non-local audiences from 3 online platforms (Zoom, Bilibili and Vshibo), there were a total of over 7000 cumulative audiences joining the forum.

We were glad to have 6 international design and business leaders—Prof. Francesco Zurlo, Mr André Nogueira, Prof. Peter Childs, Mr Hiroshi Tamura, Dr Jun Su and Mr James O — from both academic and industry to share their ideas on the significance of having the mindset, process and methods of design entrepreneurship under the vast development of business and technology in the modern age, and how education can keep up with the footsteps to nurture challenge-prepared talents.

To prepare students to face today’s multi-faceted challenges, soft skills and crossdisciplinary knowledge should be incorporated into the education of design. Notions like entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, diversity, and communication are addressed in the forum as elements going along with design thinking. Such a trend in the change of design education has been adopted in PolyU Design’s new BA curriculum, to train students to have the mindset of entrepreneurship and the ability to create a start-up business.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, risks, uncertainties, and failures are inevitable. At the forum, our speakers encouraged the embracement of risks, uncertainties, and failures and the building of a fearless mentality in business and innovations. Aside from accepting the existence of possible obstacles, these leaders also suggested solutions to manage and minimise their impacts, by researching and prototyping.

The interactive dynamics between design and entrepreneurship was further illustrated in the panel discussions, divided in three aspects: (1) Design in Entrepreneurship, (2) Design for Entrepreneurship and (3) Design with Entrepreneurship. Conversation covering designers’ participation in an entrepreneurial organisation, effective design methods and tools in entrepreneurship and success in product and market performance allow further discussions and researches to shape the future of design, education and entrepreneurship.

To revise the speeches and discussions, stay tuned for videos at designedasia.com.