International Conference fosters partnership in Multimedia and Animation Education

Regional experts in multimedia and animation education have a valuable opportunity of meeting their counterparts from France at an international conference, which was kicked off yesterday (26 May) on the campus of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). This event has attracted about 100 participants.

With the theme of “Fostering new Partnership in Multimedia and Animation Education”, the conference is a joint initiative of the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, PolyU and the HK Institute of Vocational Education. It is also supported by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer in HKSAR.

To mark the beginning of this large-scale event, an opening ceremony was held on the PolyU campus. Officiating guests included Mr Howard Dickson, Government Chief Information Officer; Mr Javad Mottaghi, Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development; Mr. Michel Guyot, Consul for Culture and Science of the French Consulate in Hong Kong; and Prof. Poon Chung-kwong, PolyU President.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Poon said the conference has achieved its objectives of promoting multimedia education and collaborations between top animation schools in France and Asian countries. Mr Howard Dickson also delivered an opening address with the topic of “Digital Entertainment Industries in Hong Kong”.

Mr Michel Guyot said France was eager to work along with Hong Kong in the development of Creative Industries, and that the Year of France in China was an opportune time to nurture further cultural and business exchange for the long run.

During the three-day event, creative animation trailers prepared by three French animation schools and students of 11 Asian countries and territories will be shown to the audience. Conference delegates will also discuss various issues relating to the future development of multimedia education, including fostering creativity of students, internships, start-up companies and career opportunities for graduates.

Prior to the conference, PolyU School of Design’s Multimedia Innovation Centre has organized a forum for delegates from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong to review the current development of digital entertainment and multimedia education.

The conference will be concluded with an open day for students and industry, to be held on the Tsing Yi campus of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education this Saturday (28 May), from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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