Hong Kong launches trailer promotion respect produced by Polyu Design students

Joint Project between PolyU School of Design and IFACT-GC
Highlights Risks of Illegal Downloading

The International Federation Against Copyright Theft – Greater China (IFACT-GC) today launched an IPR trailer at the Golden Harvest Mongkok Cinema, prior to a screening of “The Expendables”. The trailer, “Respect IPR in Digital Era”, delivers a clear message aimed at young Internet users that illegal downloading can be discovered and can have serious consequences.

The 30-second trailer was conceived, designed and produced by five students of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU) and is the first co-operative project between the IFACT-GC and the PolyU. Three versions of the trailer are being produced with Cantonese, English and Japanese soundtracks. It can be viewed at http://www.ifact-gc.org/pressroom_trailer_respect_ipr.php

The five students in the design and production team were Ms. Chiu Wing-yan, Mr. Lau Kwun-man, Mr. Ho Kam-ho, Mr. Fung Put and Mr. Yiu Hon-man.

“The “Respect IPR in Digital Era” project was a great opportunity for our students to apply their creativity and skills for a real client,” said Anthony Lee, Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Design’s Multimedia Innovation Centre. “It was even more worthwhile as it is aimed at protecting the creativity, hard work and investment in the industries they will be working in very soon.”

The five students involved in the project feel strongly about respecting IPR in the Digital Era and are concerned about the seriousness of illegal downloading. They appreciated the opportunity to work on something which urges young people not to download infringing materials to protect the industry they hope to join.

“Hong Kong’s copyright protection law is currently being reviewed with consideration being given to a Graduated Response System to reduce the illegal downloading which causes considerable damage to creativity the creative industries,” said Sam Ho, Executive Director and General Manager, IFACT-GC. “The release of “Respect IPR in Digital Era” marks the first cooperative project between IFACT-GC and the PolyU School of Design and the excellent work by the five students and staff member will play a key role in our ongoing efforts to increase respect for creativity and IPR.”

IFACT-GC is working together with a wide range of stakeholders to promote respect for IPR. Work on another collaboration with the PolyU’s School of Design in already underway and in February this year “The Egg”, a trailer showing the “egg” of creativity surviving attacks from was broadcast on six Hong Kong TV networks. The trailer was developed from the winning entry in a student competition jointly organized by IFACT-GC, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education and the Hong Kong Design Institute with support from the Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department and the Intellectual Property Department.

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