School of Design participated in production of Hong Kong Public Libraries exhibition


PolyU Design collaborates with Hong Kong Public Libraries to hold the “READiscovery / LIBRARY” Interactive Multimedia Exhibition to display the transformation in library services and reading forms along with the technological development in the past 60 years. 


Themed with “Five Elements” and “the Universe”, the exhibition is comprised of six zones, entitled "Travel in Time", "Adventures in Succession", "The Odyssey of Collections", "Journey through the Virtual/Reality", "Co-creation of Stories", and "Exploration of Infinity". 


“Changes in living habits have led people nowadays to prefer segmented reading.

The opening of the exhibition allows visitors to walk through the time tunnel, and the guidance on the floor is like the index of a book, allowing visitors to decide their route,” said Dr Anthony Kong, curator of the exhibition and Assistant Professor at PolyU Design. 


In addition to making the exhibition a freer space for visitors to choose their routes, digitalisation and interaction are also the biggest features of the exhibition.


Two Digital Media students, Ceci and Helen, participated in the production of animation in the exhibition. In order to enrich the animated content, it required them to conduct research in advance. 


“We hope to express the idea that words and knowledge in books carry the memories of different generations in our animation,” said Helen.


As for the making progress, Ceci added that the making of animation was not difficult, with a few layers of drawings. They visited the Central Library, storey by storey, to learn the features, to incorporate them into the works, enhancing the details of the animation. 


The exhibition is held from 29th October to 20th November at the Exhibition Gallery in Hong Kong Central library, as a part of the Hong Kong Library Festival 2022.