DesignDirect Talk for Universities

DesignDirect Talk for Universities 
by Prof Roger Ball, Eric C. Yim Professor in Asian Ergonomics

Shanghai: 4 Mar (Tue) 
14:00 Shanghai Jiaotong University, School of Media & Design, Minhang campus
18:30 Tongji University, College of Design & Innovation
Taipei: 11 Mar (Tue)
14:00 Shih Chien University, Department of Industrial Design
18:00 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, College of Design

DesignDirect - How to start our own microbrand

Mass production is no longer the only game in town. Designers, artists and makers around the world have bypassed corporations to reach consumers directly through the internet. Outsourcing their production directly to low-cost Asian and digital suppliers they are realizing the creative potential possible with your own personal self-financed micro-brand. Author Roger Ball, a Professor of Product Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, outlines his vision of the exciting new opportunities waiting for designers and entrepreneurs as they step forward into the new age of DesignDirect.

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