DesignDirect: How to start your own microbrand

Roger Ball, Professor of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design) and Leader of the award-winning SizeChina project, recently published his new book DesignDirect: How to start your own microbrand, co-written with Heidi Overhill. This book assembles thoughts on small-scale design entrepreneurship, and the new era of personal opportunity that is opening up in an age of Asian sourcing, 3D printing, and ‘long tail’ marketing on the Internet.

“Mass production is no longer the only game in town,” said Professor Ball. Supported by case study of some soon-to-launch design driven brands, he observed that small bands of visionary designers in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and home offices around the world have bypassed corporations to reach consumers directly through the Internet. Outsourcing their production directly to low-cost Asian and digital suppliers, they are realizing the creative potential possible with personal control of your own micro-brand.

Drawing on his experience as a designer and educator living at the crossroads of East and West, Roger Ball, with Heidi Overhill, hoped to bring the readers a vision of the myriad opportunities waiting for designers and entrepreneurs as they step forward into the new era of DesignDirect.

Six brands featured in the book include:
Surround Live Accessories, founded by Wong Hok Pan, Sam& Chiu Chun Yeung, Jack
Esrever, founded by Chiu Tsz Ying, Kate & Ho Yan Hei, Samantha
Pop Pop, founded by Chow Cheuk Yin, Gap, Leung Chun Nam, Kenny & Huang Kai Yu, Max
Giffgaff, founded by Fan Pui Chu, Gi & Fan Hiu Lam, Four
Votary, founded by Lam Yan Kiu, Bridge & Cheong Chee Meng, Kenne
POMCH, founded by Jeffrey Leung Sai Wai & Felix Tai Ka Cheong

These young entrepreneurs come from the year-two class of BA(Hons) in Design (Industrial & Product) at PolyU Design. They attended the subject given by Roger and Dr Ernesto Spicciolato for the BA(Hons) in Design and Master of Design Scheme students also named DesignDirect.

The book is available at Swindon Books and Page One in Hong Kong. Kindle e-book available from Amazon. Please visit on the web at .