PolyU Design launches Design-Centred Entrepreneurship training programme for startups with Hong Kong Design Centre

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design) launched the ‘HKDCxSD-Design-Centred Entrepreneurship’ programme with Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) to establish a new ecosystem conducive to the development of design entrepreneurs in the urban community environment, and to promote the value creation of excellent enterprises with design, to achieve the new entrepreneurship with a design-centered idea. 

Officially launched on the 11th of November, 2020, the programme is offering course training, seminars, and workshops lasting for two months and provides 38 design start-ups from HKDC’s Design Incubation Programme (DIP) with design and business thinking collision. It enables design-centered start-ups to cultivate and develop the key knowledge and skills needed for entrepreneurship in the 21st century and build an innovation platform for academic and commercial integration. 

The programme team combines the professional strength and international vision of PolyU Design in the field of design research and professional education, as well as HKDC’s knowledge and experience in the design industry and innovation ecology of Hong Kong. It goes for the cooperation mode of industry-university cooperation and mutual benefit. 

For details of the programme, please visit here.


The programme team includes the following members from PolyU Design:

Advisor: Prof. Kun-Pyo Lee
Content manager: Prof. Kevin Denny
Project manager: Dr Sylvia Liu
Trainers: Dr Henry Ma, Dr Newman Lau, Dr Jörn Bühring, Scott Chin, William Liang, Benny Leong
Project Assistants: Tiffany Fong, Das Bharati, Bing Zheng