Cubic Journal Launch at Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

The Cubic Editorial Board is pleased to announce that the Cubic Journal’s first issue: Design Social (edited by Peter Hasdell and Gerhard Bruyns) was officially launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 on 10-14 October. Also known as the ‘World Capital of Ideas’, the annually held book fair is the largest of its kind with 285,000 visitors, 7,503 exhibitions and 10,000 journalists whom all contribute to the dissemination of published work across a 5-day event. 

Stay tuned for the next issue on Design Gender (edited by Hanna Wirman and Uta Brandes) and Issue 3’s Call for Papers Design Making: The Values Had, The Object Made, The Values Had | Practice – Making – Praxis (eds. Daniel Elkin, James Stevens (Lawrence Tech, USA), Clifford Choy) is already open. Click HERE for details.