Cubic Journal - a platform where global scholars exchange on topics covering design disciplines


Cubic Journal, in conjunction with Cubic Society, is an academic platform for the publication and dissemination of design enquiry and design related research.

Operating from within The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, the platforms aims to draw together global scholars in order to generate, exchange and discuss contemporary questions within the pursuit of advancing knowledge through and within a number of design disciplines.

As online open source peer reviewed journal Cubic is open to a wide audience, allowing for the disciplinary crossover between various design positions, discourses and mediums, theoretical argument or through praxis. Moreover, With the geographic nexus of Hong Kong, the journal wishes to fuse Asian and Western knowledge to inform scholarly, technical and critical enquiry within the research fields of Design Social, Design Economies and Design Making.

The Cubic Journal will be published twice annually. Special editorials and thematic issues will be published outside the standard publication schedule. Cubic Journal follows a double blind peer review process relevant to each disciplinary formats and approaches. Contributions within the ‘traditional research’ format are equally encouraged in relation to research of artistic or experimental endeavours. Proposals are meant to critically engage with the various topics, based on the requirements of each issue.

Call for papers was made internationally. The first issue has 13 contributions of which 50% is from PolyU Design and 50% from across the globe. 

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