Chinese edition of Creative Tools launched

PolyU Design is proud to announce that the Chinese edition of Creative Tools has been published by Horizon Media Co. Ltd., a division of Shanghai Century Publishing Co., Ltd. Both the design and production of the book are tailor-made for the Mainland China market.

Creative Tools was first published in English in 2005. This handbook examines 15 creative tools which are introduced in the Design Thinking subject at the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The objective is to nurture creativity by
Overcoming Mindsets,
Getting Rid of Assumptions,
Restating Problems,
Developing Ideational Fluency,
Creativity and Environment,
Practical Testing, and
Recording and Reflection.

This is a comprehensive guide to creative thinking.

Creative Tools 創意工具
Co-author: Alice Lo, Alex Fung, and Mamata Rao
Published by: Horizon Media Co. Ltd.
Year: 2010
Price: RMB 32

Available at major bookshops in Beijing and Shanghai.