Winners of 2020/21 School Excellence Awards and Long Service Awards announced

We are delighted to announce the winners of 2020/21 School Excellence Awards and Long Service Awards. The awards were presented at the Dean's Talk held today. 


2020/21 School Excellence Awards

Teaching Excellence

  • Dr Tulio Maximo
  • Dr Jae Oh 

Research Excellence 

  • Dr Jörn Bühring
  • Dr Sylvia Xihui Liu  

Best Supporting Staff

  • Mr Rio Chan

2020/21 Long Service Awards

Ms Grace Chan
Mr Rio Chan
Ms Chan Wan Yu Miamy
Dr Clifford S.T. Choy
Mr Ho Tat Hing Alex
Dr Newman Lau
Prof. Gutierrez Laurent
Mr Lo Sung Yin William
Dr Henry Ma
Mr Horace Pan
Ms Tsang Kit Ping Doris
Miss Wan Kit Ming
Miss Ellen Yeung On-man

Congratulations to all awardees and our heartfelt gratitude for their dedicated work!