Nigel Cross, Guest of Honour & Opening Keynote at DesignEd Asia Conference 2013
Panel discussion at DesignEd Asia Conference 2013, [from the left] Cees de Bont, Dean of School of Design, PolyU; Dirk van Gogh, Bram Jespers and Marina Yee of KASK, School of Arts Ghent; Nigel Cross of the Open University; Aditya Dev Sood of Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation
Aditya Dev Sood giving a presentation on
Registration at DesignEd Asia Conference 2013
Paul Thompson, Rector of the Royal College of Art, at Include Asia 2013
Jeremy Myerson and Rama Gheerawo of  Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design,  Alvin Yip of Jockey Club Design Institute of Social Innovation, at Include Asia 2013
Paper Session, Include Asia 2013
A photo op with Mr Edmond Lee (Executive Director of HKDC), Ms Lesley Lau (Chief Curator of Art Promotion Office), Dr Louis Ng (Assistant Director of LCSD),Alexander von Vegesack (Vitra Design Museum), Mr Marc Zehntner (Director of Vitra Design Museum), and Mr Alvin Yip (Director of JCDISI) at the Welcome Reception.
Prof Cee de Bont (Dean of School of Design, PolyU) delivering welcome remarks.
MUSCON participants enjoyed a personal tour from Dr Kan Tai-Keung at his exhibition Hong Kong Design Legacy and Beyond: The 70 Fruitful Years of Kan Tai-Kung at HK Central Library.

PolyU design has been an important hub of design education and research since 1964. We are actively engaged in collaborations with top-notch partners from different countries in organizing conferences on a wide range of research topics.  If you are interested in organizing conferences related to design research, design education, or other design related practices, please contact us at:

    • 7-9 June, 2017
      Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong
      The Design Management Academy’s international research conference which will be hosted by the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The DMA International Research Conference is organised under the auspices of the Design Society’s Design Management Special Interest Group (DeMSIG) and Design Research Society’s Design Innovation Management Special Interest Group (DIMSIG) in collaboration with: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Loughborough University, Tsinghua University, University of Strathclyde and Delft University of Technology.
      The theme of the conference is: “Research Perspectives on Creative Intersections”. Design is becoming more strategic, both in the private and in the public sector. There is a wider range of interfacing activities with internal and external clients and collaborators than before and there is also a wider spread of disciplines to productively interact with. New methods and technologies for collaboration and interfacing have come up. China has been the centre of manufacturing for quite some years. Now it has become a leader in the development of internet services and the most important market in the world in many categories. In this new landscape, the roles and responsibilities of designers are changing dramatically, both in Asia and in the rest of the world.
    • 16-22 May, 2016  
      The 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art 
      ISEA2016 Hong Kong 香港 will take place from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 May 2016. The seven-day programme will feature a conference, keynotes, exhibitions, workshops, performances, public and satellite events, and optional tours and site visits. The conference is jointly presented by School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Creative Media of The City University of Hong Kong & Videotage.
      Electronic media exemplifies the dual meaning of revolution: to always create new while returning to the old. In this dynamic, where multiple centers and margins compete for attention, and borders to be transgressed are shifting, paradigms and practices must be replaced, repackaged and re-appropriated to keep up with the parallel evolutions in art, creativity, culture, society, and politics.
    • 1-2 Dec, 2015  
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2015
      For 2015, we will feature speakers from Barcelona, the partner city of Business of Design Week (BODW). We explore Spirit of Place and Design Education. The world’s great schools of design tend to be embedded in vibrant metropolises, distinctive regional cultures, hubs of creative energy, and other contexts that – in their rich design histories and unique social and cultural patterns – provide grounding, inspiration, challenges and nourishment to the teaching and learning of design. Local industries and natural resources, the geographical and climatic factors of the local environment, and the demographic and cultural specificities of the local society all have a formative influence on design students and teachers, and the institutions in which they operate. The place in which an educational institution is situated is the archive of tangible evidence of a heritage of design. Equally so, it contains the inheritance of intangible ideas and values, and is the stage for the ongoing performance of a local habitus…

    • 29-30 Oct, 2015  
      Asian Design Engineering Workshop

    • 2-3 Dec, 2014  
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2014
      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Hong Kong Design Institute (member of VTC Group) and Hong Kong Design Centre jointly present the ninth DesignEd Asia Conference. The theme of 2014 is 'ACTION! – Doing Design Education'.

      We must do in order to learn, just as we must learn in order to do.

      Designers are doers. Beyond the “skills” and “knowledge” of the respective design disciplines, design education needs to prepare students with the tactical and interpersonal capacity to navigate the world in which they are designing and construct the positive change that they are envisioning. Learning designerly ways of acting in the world involves developing positive habits, honing tacit knowledge and rehearsing ways of conscious action through modes of teaching and learning that transcend traditional “classroom” and “studio” modes of learning.

    • 3-4 Dec, 2013
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2013
      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Hong Kong Design Institute (member of VTC Group) and Hong Kong Design Centre jointly present the ninth DesignEd Asia Conference. The theme is "Delimitation - Creating with Constraints". With Belgium as the partner country to Business of Design Week 2013, the Conference has four speakers from Belgium to talk about Belgian architecture, design and fashion, and eight speakers who are leading and redefining design education in different regions. The academic exchange session receives a good number of papers from 22 countries around the world and 33 papers are selected for presentation. They fall into 9 topic areas: Business Constraints, Culture, Curriculum Development, Design for People, Design Process, Innovation, Process, Space and Constraints and Theoretical Constraints. 

    • 2-3 Jul, 2013

      Include Asia 2013

      Include Asia 2013, co-organised by PolyU School of Design, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art, London, and the Hong Kong Design Centre, took place on 2-3 July 2013 in Hong Kong and marked a major international departure for the Include series after six successful conferences in London. The Conference formed part of HKDC's Knowledge of Design Week 2013 and drew in new design researchers and practitioners from south-east Asia to the Include network. Paper proposals for Include Asia 2013 were on the theme of Global Challenges and Local Solutions in Inclusive Design.

    • 4-5 Dec, 2012
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2012
      PolyU School of Design, Hong Kong Design Institute (member of VTC Group) and Hong Kong Design Centre jointly present the eighth DesignEd Asia Conference. The Conference aims to provide a practical platform for international design educators and professionals to share views, knowledge and experiences on Design Education. It continues to draw hundreds of international design educators, design researchers, practicing designers, design students, and design-related executives.

    • 10-14 Oct, 2012
      ATypI Hong Kong 2012
      For the first time in its 56 years of history, ATypI held its annual conference in Hong Kong, Asia’s world city. The conference was hosted by PolyU School of Design on 10–14 October 2012. The theme of 2012 conference was ‘墨 [mò] – between black and white’. ‘Between black and white’ not only celebrates this shared tradition but also acknowledges that black and white form a complementary relationship with each other, hence a wide spectrum of viewpoints are possible between the two.

    • 20-23 Sep, 2012
      MUSCON 2012
      With full support from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong Government, Vitra Design Museum, the Hong Kong Design Centre and PolyU School of Design joined hands in organising 2012 Asian MUSCON in Hong Kong on 20 – 23 September. The Asian Museum Network Conference (MUSCON) 2012, coincided with the city’s celebration of 2012 as “Hong Kong Design Year” and focused on design museums as well as museum design in the context of Asia and its people.

    • 29-30 Nov, 2011
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2011
      Co-organised by PolyU School of Design and the Hong Kong Design Institute, the DesignEd Asia Conference provides a practical platform to bring international design educators and professionals together to share views, knowledge and experiences every year. The 2011 conference was held on 29-30 November with a theme of"Education into Industry: Collaboration, Transition, Mutation".

    • 9-12 Nov, 2011
      International Conference on Interaction Design
      The second International Conference on Interaction Design co-organised by PolyU School of Design, Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University, was held 9 - 11 November, 2011 in Hong Kong. The theme was "Delight & Responsibility", looking at how interaction design was moving beyond human-computer interaction to creating delightful and responsible individual, social, and organizational experiences.

    • 23-25 May, 2011
      Doctoral Education in Design Conference 2011- Practice, Knowledge, Vision
      PolyU School of Design and Swinburne University of Technology Faculty of Design co-host a conference on the challenges and opportunities of doctoral education at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was nearly a decade since the last global conference on design education.

    • 30 Nov & 1 Dec, 2010
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2010
      The theme of DesignEd 2010 was "Asian Culture: Preserve the Past Create the Future". It was co-organized by PolyU School of Design and the Hong Kong Design Institute during the Business of Design Week. The Conference provides a practical platform to bring international design educators and professionals together to share views, knowledge and experiences. Every year, it draws hundreds of international design educators, design researchers, trend analysts, practicing designers, design students, and design-related executives. There was a 2-day programme featuring presentations, panel discussions, and paper presentations.

    • 1-2 Dec 2009
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2009
      Co-organized by PolyU School of Design and the Hong Kong Design Institute, DesignEd Asia 2009 focused on the theme of "Forget the Future. What are Today’s Design Education Issues?". Design Education is undergoing many new and exciting changes: The tradition of educating designers to work for consultancies and corporations remains strong in Asia, especially in the Pearl River Delta Region. However, other parts of the globe find design students faced with re-invention in the wake of the financial crisis, shifting global markets and high unemployment. What are the issues confronting design education today that will influence how students are prepared for these new realities? The conference was divided into four areas covering Industrial Design Education, Design + Innovation Management, Academic Exchange, and Global Design Network.

    • 11-14 Jun 2009
      Toward a Science of Consciousness

    • 9-10 Dec 2008
      DesignEd Asia Conference 2008
      Jointly organized by PolyU School of Design, Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Design Centre, the conference was held on December 9-10, 2008 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With the theme "Culture as Inspiration", prominent speakers and researchers from around the world gathered to discuss culture in design and other current issues related to design education.

    • 6-9 Oct 2008
      Design & Emotion Conference 2008
      PolyU School of Design and the Design & Emotion Society co-organized the 6th International Conference on Design & Emotion in Hong Kong, October 6-9, 2008 . The International Conference on Design & Emotion is a forum where practitioners, researchers and industry meet and exchange knowledge and insights concerning the cross-disciplinary field of design and emotion. The 2008's theme was "Design and Emotion - Dare to Desire".

    • 10-11 Dec 2007
      DesignEd Asia 2007

      DesignEd Asia is an annual event which is part of the highly successful Business of Design Week. In 2007, the Conference set its core focus on "Sustaining Culture Through Design Education" providing an arena for new ideas and existing practices of the area. With shared practices and global economies regional cultures can come under threat. One of the ways to preserve the culture of a region is through design education. It is in the design of the artifacts of a culture where unique traits can be preserved, utilized and shared. Themes for the conference included:
      - Teaching across cultures
      - Cultural awareness for design students
      - Curriculum development
      - E-learning

    • 12-15 Nov 2007
      IASDR 2007
      The International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) held a conference 12-15 November, 2007 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This was a large, international design research conference with an intensive and high quality programme.