Jun Zhang

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BSc, The Tianjin Polytechnic University
MA, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Reseach Title
Study on the Effect of Sports Bra on Yoga Practitioners Exercise Behaviour based on the Biomechanical Analysis of Bra-breast Interaction

Dr. Newman Lau (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Yiu Wan Yip (Co-Supervisor, PolyU Institute of Textile and Clothing)
Prof. Wing Man Yu (Co-Supervisor, PolyU Institute of Textile and Clothing) 

About the Research
Lacks of motivation and breast pain during exercises are the two main barriers for elderly women to participate in exercises. Coupled with the aging process influencing their body parameters, the material properties of breast tissue are significantly different from those of younger women. The breast deformation of older women should be studied. Zhang’s PhD research focuses on analysing biomechanical behaviours of elderly women’s breast tissues by motion capture system and finite element method from physical factors. Besides, the psychological demands to reinforce exercise motivation should be explored. By the study, not only the material coefficients of muscle tissues and soft tissues can be determined, but also the displacement and stress inside the breast can be visualized. The quantitative analysis of breast biomechanical behavior is essential for analysis and prevention of breast pain and injuries resulting from the excessive breast displacements during less intensive exercises and thereby provide the basis to design yoga bra fitting for elderly ergonomically will be achieved.

Research Methodology