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Dr Yan Tina Luximon (Chief Supervisor)

Research Title
3D Chinese Head Modelling and Analysis for Ergonomics Design

Research Abstract

An increasing number of face-related products are used in our daily life, such as protective eyewear, respirator or face mask, especially for children. The product fit level is also important to improve the user experience and solve the potential safety problems.  Therefore, before designing theses face-related products, the precise 3D children’s face reconstruction and analysis is highly required in the field ergonomics.

The research objectives consist of three parts: (1) Establishing a 3D Children’s face database; (2) Developing a deep Convolutional Neural Network to realize precise 3D children’s face reconstruction from a single image; (3) Analysing 3D size and shape of face model by age and gender groups and relationships among face dimensions and shape variation for face-related products.

Research Skills

Computer Vision; Colour Science; Data Analysis and Visualization; Machine Learning; Deep Learning


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Journal Review

Color Research and Application;  Engineering Applications of Artificial IntelligenceMathematical Problems in EngineeringMeasurementApplied Optics; Textile Research  Journal; IEEE Access; The Journal of the Textile Institute


The prestigious National Science and Technology Progress Award – First Class by the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) on 2017