Zack Tang

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2013-Aug  MSc in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology, Polytechnic University, School of Design.
Participated in Global Game Jam and was responsible for game design and GameSalad applying. Here is the link
2011  Worked as the Graphic Designer and editor in Bestv New Media Co. Ltd which is subordinate to Shanghai Media Group. 
Responsible for interface design, image section making and some video processing work of a content team.
2010-Sep  Engaged in typographic design in editorial office of Huangshang Calligraphy and Painting Co.Ltd. 
2009-July  Took an internship in Guangzhou Tiantong Culture Communication Co. Ltd.
2007-2011  Majored in Animation in Xi’an University of Science and Technology for undergraduate study.
Led teams and made 3 short animation during study.Following is the link
Good command of Animation, Video Editing, Graphic Design, GUI Design.Good command of Character Design, Sketching. 
Strengthened knowledge of user behavior, project management and using Max/MSP building interactive environment during my master program.
Skilled grasping
Photoshop, AI, Flash, Premiere etc.