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Hi everyone!  I am Cherry!  Feel free to check out my portfo for more projects I have done throughout these years.  I am always interested in interesting and non-sense ideas by making them commercial.  In my leisure time, I like to draw, cook and take photo, most important, walk my two cute dogs make all of us relax and happy!


港男美化工程 Hong Kong Men's Beautification Project

女生無法降低自己的眼角,唯有提升港男的質素。透過招募女士為香港男士的外形優化而集資,告訴港男們女生希望他們利用化妝的方法改善自己外型。過程中加強兩性之間的了解,鼓勵男士為取悅女生而化妝。 Girls cannot lower down their requirment, the only solution is to improve the quality of Hong Kong boys. By recruiting women to raise funds for the appearance optimization of Hong Kong men, telling them girls hope boys to improve their appearance by makeup. In the process of strengthening the understanding between the two sexes, encouraging men to make up to pleasure girls.

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