Yuk Lun Kwan

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New-Gen Religion

This project is about recreation of ornament and revival of symbolic expression  for storytelling in architecture. In the capstone research, I focused on research about meaning making and symbolism of architecture. Studying design methodology, selection of symbols and archetypes for providing messages to public through different cases, I design my project as a space that reflect the social issues nowadays through the ornaments inside. Under the situation that competition as the only way to survive in the society, this project is treated as a design proposal of a temple, which provides a place for people to pray, to consult and to train. The setting of the project is in between classicism and modernism. As that, the imaginary function and space is a kind of combination of modernist and Baroque architecture, which is Apple store and St. Peter's Basilica.

Supervising Tutor: Gilles Vanderstocken

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