Kai Wan YUE

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I am Tina Yue, a product design student from Hong Kong.I believe design is a balance between creativity and rationality, without one is not possible. Circular represents rationality, while twisting represents creativity, combining both perfects the imperfects. 

I am specialty in products that you can touch, hold and feel in your two hands, as I believe this creates more emotional connection between users and the products. 


Hui Gin

Hui Gin means having a sweet aftertaste after bitterness. It is a a rebrand project for Chinese Medicine, providing a new experience towards preparing and consuming traditional Chinese Medicine. Simple but optimal, enable anyone to create the perfect cup of medicine soup. 

According to research, there is a significant number of people seeking medical help from Chinese doctors. At the same time, the market began to have more products and pre-packs concerning Chinese nourishment. This proves that the public is interested in this kind of suppliment, however, there is no actual product in the market that is user friendly for cooking the medicine packs that users can buy in the market. This is why the brand Hui Gin exist.

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