Ka Yuk Choi

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She is known as her eager to learn more and strive for her best in every design work.

Design is not just an interest of her, but also her future career. 


Accessexual 傳性筒

Accessexual, a platform for you, your partner, or your friends, aims to exchange practical sex information and positive thoughts.  

Sexual is hard to express through conversation. Thus, frequently judged and criticised by moral standpoint in Hong Kong. 

It is also believed that sharing makes a rich sexual life.

Have you ever thought of expressing your emotions on a new digital platform?

Have you ever thought of sharing your sex thoughts, not only verbally, but also visually?

Sex-related messages with different options can be viewed in mobile app, where you are able to generate photos with messages related to sex automatically.




Supervising Tutor: Cedric C

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