Yixuan Peng

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BA – institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse (Merit);
MA – institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse (Distinction);
MLA – The University of Hong Kong (Distinction)

Research Title
Ecological Conflicts in Chinese Megablock Urbanism - a Landscape Urbanism Approach

Dr Gerhard Bruyns

About the Research
This study is aiming at rethinking of the large-scale urban planning strategy in mainland China- the megablock urbanism- and its ecological impacts to the living environment. In China, a communist country where all land was subject to public ownership, the government is constantly creating collective residential units to meet the demand from increasing urban population during the rapid modernization and urbanization process. The gated residential combinations evolving from neighbourhood-unit, to working-unit, and to commodity house averagely take over around 1 to 2 million square meters of China’s residential area. Moreover, they become major urban enclaves and cut the city off: not only in its physical network like transportation, public service, and infrastructure, but also in its ecological system like topography, green corridor, waterways, and biodiversity. This research is taking a closer look to the ecological threats of this urban development mode and seek for solutions to deal with the threats at multiple scales.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes